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True story.


I was looking at one of the latest people magazines with the hottest bodies in Hollywood. It was showing all these hot girls and when I went to answer the phone I must of left the book open to that page. My wife walked over a saw what I was looking at and as I glanced over I knew I was in trouble. Why was I reading her magazine and why was I checking out these girls she asked. She treats me like a girl and expects me to behave like one. She is a femdom master and she expects me to take my sissy training seriously and act feminine. She wants me to look at gay men’s magazines and to appreciate what real men look like. I was sure she would be pissed but then she asked me what I thought of these hot women. I said they have amazing bodies, she agreed and then said your body is very feminine and shapely like some of these girls. If you work out very hard minus the breasts you could look just like them. Ass always she considers my very tiny penis much more similar to a vagina then a cock. I was lucky this time no extra forced feminine sissy training no public humiliation she just let it go by or a least at the time that is what I thought.

A few days later she had a new friend over a very hot trainer that I had met at the gym named Michelle. She was nice looking and had one of the most amazing bodies I have ever seen on a women. What I did not know was she was a lesbian and that my wife brought her by to have sex and to take a look at me. My wife called me over and had the people magazine in her hand and said to Michelle can you train Steve (me) to look like that. Michelle naturally assumed she was talking about the guy on the page and said to me would you like a ripped check like that, before I could answer my wife said no that is not what he is looking for, he is a sissy and as you can see he is very feminine, he wants and even more important I want him to have a body like these girls. Michelle was caught off guard and blushed a little but gathered herself and said what do we have to work with. My wife explained that I am barely a man, I am training daily in forced feminine femdom, Michelle would you like to see what I want you to do with him? She said sure and I knew what was coming. She forced me to strip down nude, Michelle saw my completely shaved body, at that point barely one inch penis and nice round hard firm ass.

Hey you are barely a man turning me around my wife said I hot these girls look and can Michelle work me out to add curves and muscle to my legs but in a way that looks much more like feminine? Michelle said she could train me starting the next day and she could definitely make me more muscular but in a feminine sissy way. Standing there nude as the girls talked my wife not giving me the OK to get dressed  was so humiliating.

Michelle then asked how I am so smooth she has her vagina waxed and it is never so bump free she ran her hand over my pub-less area and said smooth.


Getting ready for the gym the next day I threw on my sweats and got ready to go but before I got out of the house my femdom bitch wife stopped me and said do you think those hot girls in the magazine would dress like that at the gym? I have some new things for you to wear, remember your feminine sissy training does not stop when you leave the house and smacked my ass very hard.

She had a pair on women’s cotton spandex grey Nike workout Capri’s and a very tight grey under armor top, see tossed me over a thong to put on and made me change into, put on the ultra tight pants and top and model for her. Oh ya that’s hot I can see your thong line lucky for you, your tiny penis looks like a small camel toe vagina, yummy, go get sweaty and have a great work out my beautiful girl.

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