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Listen up. The topic is sissy training. In the academic world, feminine training turns up a whole lot of stuff about sexualization and gender differentiation and how sexuality is a way of separating the boys from the girls, or the men from the women, depending on your attitude. Oh yes, lay on me the phrases such as the prerogatives of masculine behavior and mechanisms of control. Ohhhh. Yes.

That is not the kind of language we’re talking about here. Sexualization in the world of forced feminine men means femdom. It means becoming a the girl you want to be. It means taking orders on what to do and how to do it. There is no point theorizing about femdom. You have to step right into it.

You cannot just go down to the local mall and sign up for sissy training. You cannot even take the first step without a lot of stares, questions, and intrusions into your personal life if you go to the mall. Imagine walking into a beauty salon and saying, “well I would like a lesson or two in eye shadow application and lipstick selection.”

To really have the total experience of forced feminine training, ideally you should have a mistress to guide you through the process. If you are new to this process or shy or prefer to remain an inside sissy, you can benefit from learning about forced feminine training on your own.

Once you are comfortable with the basics of femdom, taking the next step will be easier. Indeed you might find that you are compelled to find a mistress to guide you firmly through the process of becoming a girl.

As noted above, the first step is not easy to take on your own. Where do you begin? Consider this your introduction to the world of femdom. Step into the parlor and let’s get to work. Why you want forced feminine training is not the issue here. You’re reading this. That question has been answered.

The really big question is where to start. The first thing you need to understand is that where you start does not matter. What does matter is the actual starting. Now is the time. Not five minutes from now. Now.

The first lesson is that feminine training involves activities but it also involves attitudes and sensations. If you have already experimented with sissy training, you still need to stop and take a moment for a little more forced feminine training. At this moment, likely you are either at home or at work. In either case, there is something you can do this minute that will stir up the sensations that you need to accept as your second nature.

If you are at home, you have the option of wrapping yourself in something silky. Maybe you have the opportunity to slip into a pair of pantyhose. Dab a little perfume around your throat. If you are at work, or if you are at home with others around, this might not be possible.
Here is a sensuous exercise that can be done anywhere. Find a bottle of lotion. At work, you can likely find a bottle of lotion in the ladies washroom if no where else. Squirt a generous amount of lotion into the palm of one hand and begin massaging it into your hands. Slowly work each finger and then the palm and back of one hand. Repeat this with the other hand. Don’t forget your wrist. Go slowly and be thorough. Shut your eyes and experience your hands.

The process of feminine training is slow and you must savor every step of your progress towards femdom. Women did not become women overnight. You have to experience all the moments of becoming a sissy so that it will meld with who you are now and take you on that exciting journey into what you are about to become.

Stop thinking about your body and think only of your sensations. When you massage your hands, think off the texture of your skin, the feel of the massage, the scent of the lotion. There are so many sissy lessons to be learned. Regardless of where you are – home or at work – take the first chance you get to go shopping for girlie things. Lipstick, eye makeup, silky sleepwear, tampons. Go on your lunch hour. Get up off the sofa and go.

Start your feminine training with a soft and silky wrap. Wear it around the house, feeling the whispery fabric rustle against your skin. Another good initial purchase is a fine pair of panties or two. Wear these under your regular clothing. Remember, it’s all about sensations.

Explore the makeup. Look at pantyhose. Get to know the various types of tampons and consider the sensations involved in the small, medium, and large varieties. Plastic or cardboard? This is the type of detail you need for each sissy step you take. Explore the possibilities. Girls get to be girls one step at a time. You need to take the same kind of approach if you are serious about forced feminine training.

Sure, you can grab the first lipstick you see in a store, buy it, take it home and slap it on. It is much better to slow down and test the shade of a dozen lipsticks on the back of your hand in the store’s makeup section. Choose two colors. When you get home, set the mood with lighting and music and a good mirror and try both lipsticks. Outline and shade your lips. Wipe it off. Try it again, experimenting with mouth shapes and outlining and all those variations on using lipstick.

Sissy training involves understanding that you need to yield control and accept femdom with complete abandonment of all that you have previously understood about your inner self. You need to feel girlie feelings. You need to feel the penetration and the exquisite extraction of a tampon. You need to learn how to match your eye shadow with the color of your eyes. You need to feel the tautness of undergarments combined with their smooth satiny comfort.

Sissy training is serious work. A good mistress will keep you from straying too far from your femininity and keep you on the right path to femdom. In moments when you are not able to visibly indulge in your feminine training, it is essential that you have something reminding you of your emerging girliness. Panties or a tampon are secret reminders of who you are and the importance of your continuing instruction in femdom.

Fem-dom-sissy boys need to be completely controlled with Male chastity devices. You should never let a sissy loose. Gay or straight sissies should be kept locked up because they will get into trouble if you let them.


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