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Femdom and Sissy Training

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Welcome to femdom. The thing I have noticed about femdom is that you know what you want but you don’t always have the words to articulate your needs and your desires. Desires are like that. They are deeper than words. You don’t think about your breathing or your heart beating. These things just happen.

Until right now. Because I just mentioned them, you are likely thinking about your heart beating or the in and out of your breath. There are parts of our being and nature that have always been with us and we accept them as they are. Sissy training is one of those things for you. Other people might have different desires but all we care about now, you and me, is your need to be feminine and for that you need to be force trained.

However your need for femdom training insinuates itself into your being may be different than the route that my needs take into the core of my being. I’m a visual person and I see a skirt swirl as a woman walks down the street in her high heels and I want to look like that, walk like that, be like that. Perhaps you hear a song and feel the desire wash over you and flood your nerve endings with girlie feelings. The lucky ones have a mistress or a potential mistress to provide sissy training. The rest of us have to fend for ourselves.

First, you need to know there are no rules. Girls become women at different rates of speed and in different ways. In your self-directed sissy training, think of what would make your femdom most exciting. Thoughts roil around in your head and sensations overwhelm you. Oh where to start, where to start?

Here are some suggestions – well make that orders, not suggestions. You have to do both of the following if you are truly interested in sissy training.

1. Buy and wear feminine dainties. This is the complete feminine route of dainty undies and sleepwear. Do not put on a pair of silk panties and think that is all there is to it. You must have the complete outfit – panties, bra, teddy, garter belt and nylons (or panty hose), and nightie. The more lace and silk, the better. The nightie must be short and transparent. Sleep in it, have your morning coffee in your lingerie, read the newspaper or watch the television news in your lingerie.

2. Makeup. Book a facial at a salon and have the complete works including brow wax. Equip your makeup bag with lipstick, mascara, and eye shadow. Buy bubble bath, face cleansing cream, night cream, and moisturizer.

Every day you need to go through your beauty routine with the night cream, cleansing cream, and moisturizer. If you have a good valid reason for not wearing day makeup to work, that is acceptable. But you must wear panties and bra or teddy (or both) under your work clothes.

No excuses. No whining.
Male chastity
Now we come to the part that is a serious concern for sissies and that is masturbation. Just because you have a big clit, does not mean that you have the right to play with it whenever you feel like pulling it out and pulling off a load. Oh no. You must learn how to control yourself. A good sissy never puts herself first. Your slutdom must be firmly controlled.

There are places online where you can have someone set a masturbation schedule for you or you can follow this schedule. Your first week of forced feminine training you will be wearing your makeup and dainties every day and you will feel urge that you need to control. Because you are new to femdom, you will be allowed to masturbate to orgasm once this week.


You can fondle yourself but if you cum too soon, that is it for the week. No fondling. No touching. If you cum before the full 7 days are up, you cannot shower immediately or clean up. You have to have to wear your panties with your dripping lit tucked neatly inside them. Wear them until bedtime. If you accidentally cum in bed, you will have to sleep in the wet spot.

There will be no douching or powdering or cleaning up after cumming if you fail to hold yourself in for a week. You need to learn what it is like to have cum running down your thigh or into the crack of your ass if you do not show adequate self-control. It’s one thing to be a slutty sissy. It’s another thing entirely to be a disobedient sissy.

Let’s face facts. Sooner or later you will have your own mistress and she is not going to want a sissy who cannot exhibit self-control, who spends the day playing with her clit, and who cannot follow orders. You know that after a day with semen-filled panties, your horniness will be rampant, but you must learn discipline.

It is much more difficult to unlearn bad habits therefore it is imperative that you follow your instructions, even if they are at a distance. Remember – dainty undies, makeup, proper skin care, and self control. Every day.

Forced feminine training calls for attention to detail and proper obedience. To achieve the glory of femdom, you must be committed to being the best sissy you can be. You want your mistress to be proud of you and be able to show you off. You want to be able to not only feel pretty but to look and act pretty. Sissyhood is not a costume you put on and play the part until you take it off again. Sissyhood is who you are and what you are. Sissyhood is an ongoing process where every day in every way you try harder to be the sissy you were meant to be.

Your leap of faith involves accepting your need for forced feminine training and understanding that your mistress sets the standard for your behavior. This includes what you wear, when you wear it, how you control your sexual behavior, and your acceptance that you belong to your mistress.




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